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Shop > Bluetooth & WiFi Optical Probes > Bluetooth (BT Classic and Bluetooth Low Energy, BLE) Optical Probe
The probe has wireless Bluetooth connection ( both Bluetooth classic and Bluetooth Low Energy - BLE in same device) thus it can easily be used with any Android or Windows based device with Bluetooth connection support. It can also be used with iOS devices with BLE support.

All KMK Bluetooth optical probes now supports both BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) and Bluetooth Classic

Bluetooth (BT Classic and Bluetooth Low Energy, BLE) Optical Probe

Smart Wireless Auto Protocols Detection Probe


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Bluetooth Specs: Bluetooth Classic v4.1
Bluetooth Low Energy, version v4.0.
Class 1 radio
Range up to 80m LOS
1.5Mbps data throughput
128-bit encryption security
Standard: IEC 62056-21 (former IEC 1107)
Data Communication Speed: Max 38400 baud
Operating Voltage: 3,3 V (Rechargeable battery powered through micro USB)
Wavelength: ~ 900 nm 
Receiver Sensitivity: Programmatically changeable on Command Mode 
Diameter: 32 mm
Width: ~ 36 mm
Height: ~ 55 mm
Depth: ~ 42 mm
Magnetic Force: N38
Body and Back Cover Material: ABS
Transparent Parts: Transparent Poly Carbonate
Weight: ~ 125 gr

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