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REDZ KMK224 RS485 version designed to be used with Honeywell Dolphin CT50/CT60 handheld units (HHU). It allows direct connection to RS485 interface of Electricity Energy Meters by converting USB of HHU to RS485 electrical interface. It creates a virtual serial port on HHU so that the software for meter reading can use that interface to directly read meters.

USB to RS485 Converter

For Honeywell Dolphin CT50/CT60

KMK224 - RS485 Version

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RS485 Interface: 2 Wire with GND, D+ and D- 
Plastic Material: ABS
Weight: ~100gr
Usage: USB Connection to HHU
Cable Length: 3 m, special design for durable connection
Data Communication Speed: Supports all baud rates such as 9600 or 19200, Max baud limited to meter
Operating Voltage: 5 V (Passive port powered by USB)
Electrical Interface: Custom design to connect Honeywell Dolphin  CT50/CT60
Compatibility: Compatible with both Android and Windows versions

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    My operation system is
    Relase Date: 2017-08-30
    X86 (32-BIT): 2.12.28
    X64 (64-BIT): 2.12.28

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